Hello wine lovers!

So glad you’re here. I like wine, just like you. Perhaps you like it, but don’t know much about it. Maybe the only thing you know about it is that it’s red and tastes like wine. And that’s totally cool! I’m here to share my wine experiences with you, and hopefully drop a bit of knowledge on ya while doing so.

I hate the stigma that’s associated with the wine industry these days. I try my very best not to sound like an arrogant wine drinker. Wine should be fun! It should be easy! It’s just a bunch of juice from a grape!

So, I certainly don’t judge anyone for liking what they like; whether that’s a $3 bottle of White Zinfandel from Trader Joes, or a $150 bottle of Quilceda Creek Cab. I’ve been known to drink wine on my couch, at swanky rooftop bars in Seattle, in red solo cups, and everywhere in between. See? We’re basically the same person.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts and photos, because everything about them comes from my real life.