El Corazon: the winery for Millennials


You know when you plan a wine tasting outing, and you get all cute and plan your outfit the day before? It’s like the one occasion you can get away with wearing an obnoxiously large floppy hat and fur jacket. Because in all reality, wine tasting is probably the classiest way to get drunk at 1:00 pm on a Sunday. We’ve all been there, even you, gentlemen.

Anyway, you start all cute with your matte pink lipstick, take a few selfies, visit a couple wineries, and then all of a sudden you have purple teeth and you lost your purse and your best friend is tripping in the gravel parking lot in her heels. But you’re having fun! And there’s no way you want to call it a day.

Do you know where you should go to next?

El Corazon Winery.

wine-bottle.jpgThis winery is the coolest, weirdest, chillest place to taste wine probably in all of Walla Walla. I visited for the first time recently and found myself walking into a room that represented the opposite of everything you typically associate with tasting rooms, or just wine for that matter. My boyfriend, Shea, called it a “dive wine bar”, but in a good way.

For example, they pour wine out of big plastic straws, serve gold fish with your tasting, play Notorious B.I.G, hang crotchless panties from the ceiling, and (drumroll please), they project not-terribly-offensive soft core porn on the wall.

Okay that last part may sound really freaking uncomfortable, but it actually fit with their vibe and just felt like an artistic addition. Also, HEYO! Their wine is good! crackers.jpg

I’d like to share with you my funny experience while I was there.

I went with my sister, Bea, her baby, Hank, and Shea. We picked up a card game they had laying around called Awkward Turtle. It’s so fun. We ended up shouting, trying to get each other to guess things like “bromance” and “fire crotch”. And while doing so, my sister was pushing the stroller back and forth trying to rock my 10 month old nephew to sleep.

Then my dad walks in with my 4 year old niece to meet us.

We try to quickly wrap up our tasting. While doing so, Shea is trying to hold a totally normal conversation with my dad about work while there are 2 topless girls making out on the wall behind him. It really was kind of a hilarious situation. I laughed. He did not.

el-corazon.jpgWe eventually made it out unscarred, and vowed to return another time without the children or parents.

All in all, El Corazon is now on my list of go-to wineries. Not just for their eccentric vibe, but also their great customer service, tasty wine, and 90s Spotify tunes. I hope you get to experience the greatness for yourself someday